notre metier

“African Reinsurance Brokers was proudly established on November 1st 1995, in Morocco.

From 1995 to 2008, our activities were restricted to reinsurance broking, mainly in Africa and to an extent the Middle East.

Since its creation, ARB has acted as an independent broker promoting inter-African and Afro-Asian exchange of business. Our philosophy will continue in this direction.

ARB has acquired an excellent reputation for swift settlement of balances and recovery of losses.

As from July 2008, we expanded our activities to direct insurance broking in the Moroccan market.

I believe that our 13 years in reinsurance broking coupled with my 22 years in reinsurance underwriting (in Morocco, London, Bahrain & Tunisia) will allow us to face our new venture with full confidence, assurance and good chances of success.

Moreover, direct brokerage will certainly reinforce our position as a reinsurance broker, allowing us to get introduced to more business from our national market.

We aim at being more than a mere intermediary but a real partner, advising our clients on the most adequate cover they can get at the optimum price, with the best security. “

Managing Director