Our products in details

Comprehensive business insurance

Your machines, your stock and your IT systems are all crucial to the smooth running of your business.

In the event of a loss, your activity may be jeopardized.

As a broker specialized in business risks, we offer our full expertise in providing your business with tailored solutions, whatever your activity. Additionally, you will be benefit from our wide network of partners in fire safety management and claims surveyors.

Freight Insurance

Import and export trade enterprises, processing trade enterprises, logistics companies, foreign investment companies, and foreign engineering service companies: Whether you are buying or selling goods internationally, there is always a risk that they may be damaged, lost or delayed in transit.

ARB offers tailored transportation insurance solutions that protect your from departure to their end-destination.

Construction Insurance

Risks associated with construction are numerous.

Whether you are a project owner, a land developer, a contractor or a design office, you should pay attention to all the technical and legal aspects in the development of your project.

We are here to support you at every stage, from the opening of the construction site to the completion of the project.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance is designed for businesses with multiple vehicles such as freight transport companies, car rentals, industrial companies, combining them in one policy.
Here are some advantages :

It can make managing and keeping track of your fleet much easier .
You could benefit from significant discounts and additional cover .

Pension Insurance

Why should you buy a pension insurance plan?
your savings are valued with a guaranteed minimum interest rate,
you capital will be less taxed,
You benefit from management flexibility
At the end of your contract, your capital can be paid in different forms: full capital, annuities, or a combination of capital and income.