Reinsurance, for risks more difficult to cover :

Backed by our long experience in reinsurance and our wide network of reinsurers, we are used to find solutions for complex local risks:

  Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O)

Executives and corporate officers are exposed to an increasingly challenging legal, economic and international environment. D&O insurance policies offer liability cover for these decision makers, protecting them from any claims which may arise as a result of the decisions and actions taken in the course of their duties.

We offer expert knowledge in Civil Liability insurance,

  International health insurance

Thanks to our privileged network, we have access tothe best health insurance solutions.

Whether you are an expatriate or residing in Morocco, you will benefit from our partners’ clinic networks. We can also provide tailored individual accident insurance with high limits for work assignments in Morocco and abroad.

  Product liability Insurance

Product liability insurance provides cover against claims of personal injury or property damage caused by products sold or supplied by your business. It covers liability for compensatory costs, legal fees and any other associated costs.

The costs of these claims can be very high. This type of coverage systematically requires international support. ARB will help you find the best protection from the international market.

  Medical malpractice insurance

Due to new and increasingly rigorous medical regulations, healthcare professionals must protect their practice against misdiagnosis, technical errors or misinformation.

We have a qualified third-party liability insurance team with significant bargaining power for group subscriptions.

  Political Violence, War and Terrorism

Investing and expanding in Africa has become a top priority to many Moroccan businesses. However, as appealing as this internationalization strategy may be, it presents high levels of risk that should be assessed seriously such as expropriation, nationalization, payment default, high jacking or even war and terrorism.

Thanks to our African market knowledge and positioning, ARB is your best option in accompanying your development in Africa and protecting your investments against any political risks.